Iceland in Winter

An attempt at landscape photography plus a few tourist type snaps

This gallery shows photographs which were taken between the 22nd February and 1st March 2015 in Southern Iceland.

The workshop trip was organised and led by David Noton, a Canon Explorer, Adobe Influencer and Manfrotto Ambassador ably assisted by his wife Wendy and Ao Thor, who is also a photographer but more imporantly for this expedition was our expert Icelandic guide and driver who took us, a party of 8 amateur photographers, to places where other tourists rarely visit in the Winter time.

We all travelled in Ao's "Arctic Advanced" offroad transporter equipped with 48" studded tyres, across snow covered lava fields, glacial rivers and of course on Route 1, Iceland’s only major highway and although the overcast conditions which we faced on most days were not the best for photography, everyone of us were enthralled by what we saw and experienced during the 6 day Winter Adventure.

Our final night in Iceland was on Saturday 28th February when Northern Lights had been predicted by those who know about these things. As the David Noton Iceland Adventure had finished at midday, three of us - me, Lyn and Bob, who like us, was not flying home until Sunday, hired Ao and a 4X4 Range Rover type vehicle for the night. What a night! The Northern Lights shone brightly and Ao took us to some wonderful locations in order to photograph them. More off roading as Ao drove us to a cliff edge, in amongst the geysers and close to the Reykjanes lighthouse. Thank you Ao.

Our final photographs of the trip were snapped outside our hotel at around 1am with the lights of Keflavik airport polluting the sky as you will see.

Thank you for viewing - let me know if you have any questions.