This page contains images which have been downloaded from the United States NOAA, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), weather satellites as they pass above my location in the North West of England, (latitude 53.582N, longitude 2.21E).

Images have been captured using software and operating system scripts running on a Raspberry Pi computer connected to an RTL-SDR dongle and antenna situated in the back garden raised to a height of around 4m or so.

Once the data has been captured, it is interpreted by software and the resulting image uploaded automatically in real time for display on this page. As none of the images are reviewed before being uploaded by the Raspberry Pi, some may not be of the best quality - apologies for this but that is the price you pay for automation. (Some uploads are done in the small hours of the morning and as this is a fun project, I am not spoiling my beauty sleep to check out quality of these before they appear in cyberspace!).

I am currently capturing images from satellites which have a maximum elevation of 35 degrees or more and collecting data while the satellites are above 10 degrees of elevation.

 Click any of the thumbnail images and they will be displayed in a larger format. The satellite name along with the date and time of capture appears at the top of the image window. The most recent images appear at the bottom of the page.